Gilbert Tchavouchian, who is a Master through his extensive practical experience as much as his skills, makes furniture and sculpts; each piece he makes, even down to the simplest accessory, is unique, custom designed to the physical and emotional specifications of his clients; the first lesson we must learn, Gilbert says when we meet for the first time, is to create furniture "which have no analogues."

Gilbert is deeply knowledgable about art and architecture "without analogue" from past historical eras, while he is seeking out modern trends. In fact, he has made astonishing things when asked to fantastize on the decorative styles of the French cabinetmakers school; when asked to reflect on the pattern styles of Art Nouveau and Deco, "c'est magnifique!"

Gilbert lives and works in Lyon, France, where handmade craftsmanship has been a source of pride and prosperity since medieval times, where artists express their highest craftsmanship as much in exquisite jewel boxes for the city's nobility as in exquisite, practical cabinets for anyone with class.

When Gilbert works with exotic trees, his skilled hands shapes them into unique interior products as if he were a sculptor working in wood.

Gilbert uses the hardwood trees' enormous strength, durability and unique appearance to create furniture, musical instruments, toys, and boxes for jewelry and other valuable items.

Gilbert's skill, original ideas and a simple yet breathtaking sense of style bear physical and spiritual grace on each of his products, ready to be delivered to their connoisseurs of beauty.

In the steps of a wizard

Gilbert LAST NAME was born on April 24, 1969 in Yerevan, Armenia to a family of French decent.

From an early age, Gilbert developed a passion and admiration for furniture design and the art of sculpture. At 14, he began to design his first original furniture.

In 1986, Gilbert moved to Moscow to explore his passion which developed into his lifetime career. While in Russia, he became interested in the design and artisan work of local furniture craftsman, designers and ébénistes (cabinetmakers).

In 1986-1991, he studied at Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (The Surikov Art Institute in Moscow) and graduated as an interior architect, sculptor and cabinetmaker.

In 1993, Gilbert settled in Lyon, France with his family, where he resides to this day.

Before founding his own furniture business and brand “Gilbert Creations” in 2000, he worked for French antique furniture restoration company Jacques Druardand, as well as ULAAT “Paque,” a project against illiteracy.

Self-described as a traditional European designer of wood furniture, Gilbert has continually researched and followed global trends. He is dedicated to the creation of unique, bespoke furniture and storage items, that he designs with his signature artistry, with every detail made to perfection.

Since 2000, Gilbert Creation’s furniture orders have grown quickly from small local contracts to large commissions. His work can be found in the collections of many European and Russian collectors, French and Italian galleries, as well as private art industry clients.

Gilbert has participated in many international exhibitions of applied art and interior design, and received awards for exclusive, individual projects.

Gilbert's current activities are centered on the creation of new furniture, gifts and jewelry boxes for valuables of all kinds, and for the restoration of similar objects created by past skillful masters.